Solliance role

Under the CIGS program, Solliance focus areas are as follows:

  • Parallel development of three major technologies for the production of CIGS solar cells;
  • Improvement of photoelectric parameters of CIGS solar cells, enhancement of their uniformity and reproducibility;
  • Improvement of solar cells lifetime and parameter stability;
  • Reduction of production costs by application of cheaper materials and scalable manufacturing technologies (S2S, R2R);
  • Development of back-end interconnection technology in a module.

Solartek contribution to Solliance program

  • Analyzing technical considerations and potential complications of industrial introduction of the developed technology;
  • Contributing to the determination of Solliance main activities and objective setting;
  • Introducing new technologies and materials, including carbon nanotubes, into the solar cell production technology.

Advantages of the technology

CIGS solar panels have excellent commercial potential:

  • High efficiency of solar radiation photoelectric conversion;
  • Wide range of applications due to the possibility of producing rigid as well as flexible solar panels;
  • High maturity level of the technology, approaching to commercial introduction.

Expected deliverables of the Solliance program

As a result of joint work with Solliance, the following results are expected in 2017:

  • A laboratory sample of the CIGS solar cell presented, having an active layer developed using vacuum-free methods and a PCE of 15%;
  • A 30 x 30 cm2 solar module produced solely by using S2S- and R2R-scalable technologies, with a PCE of 12%.

It is expected that, as a result of commercialization and optimization, a carbon nanotube-based ink will be used to create CIGS solar cell by means of printing technologies.

Solliance results obtained so far

  • An average PCE of 11% of solar cells with the electrodeposited active layer achieved.
  • R2R-compatible equipment designed to implement back-end interconnection in a CIGS module demonstrated.

Expected project deliverables

  • A technology for the commercial production of CIGS solar cells and panels obtained;
  • Russia’s first full-scale production of CIGS solar panels launched;
  • New products created and existing products modified by integrating photovoltaic CIGS devices;
  • Patents taken out on the methods, technologies, and products developed by Solartek.